Xaren Time Tracking
Xaren Time Tracking is a system for tracking generic time entries for multiple users. This application is primarily designed for small companies to track the comings and goings of it’s employees. Supports holiday, vacation, sick and pto time shifting, as well as being able to track bi-monthly, bi-weekly, monthly and weekly pay periods, with full customization of dates and times. (Last updated 1/2/07)

Xaren Project Management
Xaren Project Management, or XPM for short, is a Lasso web based online multi-user project management tool designed to allow an unlimited number of clients and projects, both with their own specific tasks assigned to them. The XPM allow an employee to track the time spent on a project or task, and then bill that time accordingly. (Last updated 1/2/07)

Xaren Auctions
Xaren Auctions is a robust, single user auction system. This is not an E-Bay clone allowing for external users to come in and create their own auctions, but rather this is a local system allowing the auction manager to post new auctions, and allow external customers the ability to come in and bid on posted auctions. This application has been available since 2004. (Last updated 1/2/07)

Xaren Source
Xaren Source is our local download system, which will be up and operational by the end of January, 2007. Please check back soon. (Last updated 1/2/07)

Area is still under construction. Please check back soon.