About Xaren Development

Xaren Development has been developing high class web applications using a combination of Lasso Professional, MySQL and FileMaker tools. In operation since 2000, we have specialized in custom e-commerce systems, as well as highly technical web application development. Other than custom development, Xaren Development has been involved in creating "off the shelf" applications for use with Lasso/MySQL based installations, as well as many open source development projects. Other than web development, Xaren Development has been invlolved with system and network design, as well as other server based projects not listed here.

About Adam Randall

Adam Randall has been doing web development since 1996 and using Lasso, FileMaker and MySQL tools since 1999. Adam has extensive experience with the Lasso product line versions 3 through 8. This experience has been gained both in the consumer market as well as directly for the producers of the Lasso product line OmniPilot Software. From 2001 through 2005, Adam worked as the Quality Assurance Lead Technician for Lasso Professional versions 5 through 8.1. In that time, he also produced all the deliverable installers for all three supported platforms (Mac OS X, Linux and Windows). Additionally, he supported the customers of OmniPilot, developed online solutions used both internally and externally for the company using Lasso Professional. Adam is also an active supporter of the Lasso online community, where he provides his time and energies to enhancing tools, finding bugs, and providing support and advice on the public mailing lists supplied by OmniPilot Software. Adam is currently involved with Stork Avenue, Inc, an industry leader in the birth announcement market.